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Damon Rawnsley

The Crucible Foundry has become for me a centre for many of kinds of people to realise their ideas through transforming base metals.

I believe craftsmanship needs to be practical and contributes to part of a rich life.


My parents started The Chelsea Pottery, so they were the earth from which I grew up in. I was nourished by their interests and way of life.


My last years of studying sculpture were at Goldsmiths University and The Royal Academy.

Bronze casting attracted me through those years as a medium to transform an idea into a longstanding and hopefully beautiful form. I then taught sculpture at The City and Guilds among other establishments.


So now having the close collaboration with Sam Dalton we have over many years built a body of experience and expertise in the whole varied and multi-faceted field of transformation of an idea into reality.


Damon Rawnsley 2015

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